$KAIECO and $KAIDHT are community driven, defi tokens. Their prices are controlled entirely by the community. These two tokens have multiple functions throughout the ecosystem of the project. Hand in hand, these two tokens will bring investors to what they love most in the crypto world whether auto-earning by farming and staking or by collecting and minting NFTs or even just playing for fun or playing to earn high definition games.


This token ($KAIECO) was developed for a sole purpose and that is to become the base token for the Kai Ecosystem. This Kai Ecosystem is unique, fun with heart-pounding environment where users can have the chance to interact with or against other users in a fun-filled platform. Users can farm tokens, create NFTs, take care of Puppies and use them for games or just trade them in an open market.

$KAIECO Token is the blood of the Kai Ecosystem. This is the main token which will be running the entire project. It's a frictionless, yield farming and liquidity generation protocol. Just hold these tokens in your wallet and earn a passive income of BUSD or USDT.

Dog House Token ($KAIDHT) is a limited token but heavily used throughout the ecosystem too. It will govern the utilities of the games and will drive the game to a whole new experience.

Kai Puppies. These are characters for the upcoming crypto puppy games where an investor can breed, take care puppies. These puppies can be used to battle with other owners or just sell them to marketplace. This will be an enjoyable and fun-filled app. This can be bought through $KaiECO.

Kai Food. These will be another utility you will have to provide for the kai puppies while breeding them or taking care of them. They need this to grow fast and build their own characteristics. This can be bought through $KaiECO

Kai Vitamins. These will make the kai puppies grow strong and healthy. This utility can be bought using $KaiDHT.


"presents an opportunity to token holders to transact digital assets across the digital market, to lower the barrier for entry to a more advanced financial system, to introduce every holder to the world of decentralization and to provide awareness to the immeasurable usages of digital assets."


Due to the usages of token ($kaieco) and the strategies imposed like reduction of supply and increasing demand in the future, investors' holdings will become more valuable and will receive a higher proportion of rewards.

The buyback and burn mechanism of the token will help greatly in stabilizing the token price. 3% of every transaction is collected and converted to bnb/eth and stored in the contract. Once the Buyback and Burn mechanism is enabled, the contract will purchase $kaieco tokens from the DEX and send the tokens to burn address. This will drive the price and reducing the circulating supply.

A series of usages and games will be released in the coming days which will drive the price of the tokens. The profits from platforms are not used by the team for their own benefits. Rather, it will be used for the marketing or even boost the buyback and burn in order to create a favorable price action.

The team will not take advantage of the price increase but they will generate income from selling tokens to DEX. The team will generate income from in-app purchases instead.


6% of every buy, transfer and sell transaction is redistributed to every eligible holders. These will be in the form of BUSD for BSC network and USDT on ETH network. The larger the bags, the bigger the rewards are expected.

4% of every buy, transfer and sell transaction is moved to liquidity pool. This is to maintain the trading and there will always be liquidity in the pool.

3% of every transaction is taken and converted to BNB or ETH and is stored in the contract. When the buyback is triggered, the contract buys $kaiECO and sends them to burn address. Thus, removing those tokens from the circulation.



Why not stake your $kaiECO and $kaiDHT? Sit and relax while you multiply your holdings. Just leaving your tokens to our Dog Farm, you're helping the network and in return, you get rewards. Isn't that Cool?!

Our staking has duration options. Each time-lock staking gives you rewards. The longer you stake, the better your rewards will be.




Secure your graphics through your wallet. Visit our NFT marketplace and mint your NFTs, collect and sell. Grab as much as you can and trade them or collect them...decision is all yours!


From challenges to duels, testing out mods, reviewing games or bloody matches with other teams - you name it, we'll see it. 


Only the BEST
WILL SEE the end

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